Ticket prices

Concerts in Huddersfield Town Hall

All seats are numbered and reserved. Applications to become a Patron or for Season Tickets should be made as soon as possible. Until 31 August Patrons will be given priority; after that date all applications will be dealt with in the order in which they have been received. Senior Citizens, Kirklees Passport holders and Student Card holders will be eligible for concessionary rates where shown below. For details of the Kirklees Passport Scheme telephone 01484 234036.

2021-2022 Season Ticket Prices for 4 concerts in Huddersfield Town Hall
Centre balcony, Balcony curve £57
Side balcony £48
Window seats, Stalls, Gallery £39
Concessions (Side Balcony) £33
Concessions (Stalls and Gallery) £30
Single Ticket Prices - concerts in Huddersfield Town Hall
Tickets purchased from Kirklees will now incur a 10% booking fee
Centre balcony £19
Side balcony £16
Window seats, Stalls £13
Concessions (Side Balcony) £11
Concessions (Stalls) £10
Students, Accompanied Children (Side Balcony) £8
Students, Accompanied Children (Window Seats) £6.50
Students (Stalls) £5
Accompanied Children (Stalls) FREE
Season Launch - 26 September 2021 in Slaithwaite Civic Hall
Adults £10
Children and Students £5